With deepest sympathy,

HIES offers our sincerest condolences to all who have been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan causing the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant failure and taking so much away from the people. We have seen the catastrophe take away families, livelihoods, home towns, birthplaces, and memories of many residents. We sympathize and feel the deep pain of the people who are going through those losses.  We, like many citizens in Japan, will never truly be able to understand or resolve the enormous loss suffered by so many. We can only offer our knowledge and actions to bring some normalcy to the affected areas. It is our greatest hope to help restore properties and lives to former conditions as soon as possible.

HIES is an International Company that specializes in environmental assessment, remediation, and restoration. As an International US based company operated by US Japanese management, we have many relatives throughout Japan and employ many Japanese staff members. With our sincere thoughts, this remediation information was prepared to improve this devastating situation; to be able to use our abilities to help in rebuilding and re-stabilizing the distressed region.

HIES has vast experience in emergency response and disaster support in contaminated areas.  Similar to the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake crisis, HIES personnel were involved in disaster support during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that engulfed New Orleans on August 29, 2005. Unlike a devastating tsunami that moved whole towns in minutes, the Hurricane broke the main water support levy and flooded the city under more than 15 feet of water.  The most devastating effects of the floods were actually after the flood waters receded and the contamination from POLs, chemicals, and biohazards were evident everywhere.  As with the tsunami, roads and streets were inaccessible and communication was cut off.  All available companies trained in hazardous work conditions were deployed to help with the disaster and HIES staff assisted with project management, sampling, assessment, and various other emergency response tasks. HIES’s experience with this hurricane disaster guides us to better understand the short and  long term tasks necessary to get the affected areas back to conditions where people can safely work and sustain a healthy environment. To bring normality back to these regions, contamination of all hazards should be identified, documented, and properly remediated.

HIES has also been on large emergency response contracts and on emergency teams as first responders to hazardous materials emergencies for over 17 years. Under US and Japanese environmental regulations and laws, HIES understands the importance of protective equipment and proper response personnel training to provide safety for both the public and the workers.  Whether for nuclear, toxic gas, dangerous chemicals, or confined space operations, HIES has such protective equipment and trained personnel for hazardous material disaster relief. 

HIES’s specialty is in toxic substance and waste pollution counter measures, including working within radioactive contamination zones such as the outskirts of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. HIES also conducts monitoring and testing of soils, water quality, and atmosphere, which can be performed safely and accurately with proper training and through trained personnel.

HIES is a full-service environmental engineering and consulting company with strategic locations in Japan (Kawasaki, Okinawa, Misawa and Nagasaki), Hawaii, Guam, California, and Colorado.  HIES’s Scientific and Engineering teams are led by highly qualified Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Quality Control Specialists, and Health/Safety Professionals. Our personnel routinely work in contaminated areas, disaster zones, and emergency situations HIES’s professionals are all trained and certified for various types of hazardous work in many different situations. Our company capabilities are:

  Supporting cleanup efforts
   Identifying hazardous areas:

  Real Time Radiation Monitoring, Volatile Organics, Combustible Gas, Corrosivity, etc.
   Dust Wipes, Soil Sampling, Water Sampling, Air Sampling, Plant Sampling
GIS/GPS Coordinate Recording, Mapping and Data Entry

  Identifying hazardous materials
  Keeping workers and people safe
  Ensuring site for future usage
  Certifying Radiation Levels for Exports
  Remedial and Removal Action
  Public Relations
  Expert Witness Testimony

HIES develops innovative and effective solutions to meet our client’s environmental restoration and remediation needs, and offers design and installation of remediation systems on a turn-key basis for a variety of situations. Further, we perform environmental systems operations, maintenance, and monitoring designed to optimize clean up and meet regulatory requirements. In compliance with environmental regulations, HIES performs a wide variety of projects including:

  Radiation Assessment & Monitoring
  Site Assessment, Identification & Investigation
 Identification & Characterization of Hazardous  Waste Sites
  Analyzing the Nature & Extent of Contamination

  Engineering Evaluations/Cost Analysis 
  Demolition & Disposal
  Hazardous Materials Management 
  Remedial Process Optimization

  POL / Chemical Agents Management 
  Technology Evaluations
  Unexploded Ordnance & Tank Identification

For the past 17 years, HIES has trained & certified private, commercial & DoD clients throughout the Pacific Rim.  HIES regularly trains US Defense groups, Japanese Construction Companies, and Project leaders in the following fields in both Japanese & English.

  FEMA-Radiological Emergency Response

​​​​​​​  OSHA HAZWOPER Certification: All Levels for Hazardous             Area Work and Entry
​​​​​​​  Usage of PPE
​​​​​​​  Hazard Recognition
​​​​​​​  Ionizing Radiation
​​​​​​​  Knowledge of Contamination Zones

  Incident Commander
  Spill Response-Hazardous Materials
  Confined Space Entry
  PCB Spill Cleanup and Control
  DOT HazMat
  OSHA Lead Awareness
  Asbestos Certification & Training: All Levels
  Lead Certification & Training: All Levels
  Project Monitor
  Courses Compliant with & Accredited or Approved by FEMA, OSHA, EPA, or State DOH

Conclusive Statement

Again, our deepest sympathy goes out to the people living and affected by this incident. We will do our best to support and help with our full efforts. Please stand strong now and for the future.

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