HIES was established in 1993 to provide the business community with cost-effective and innovative solutions to environmental issues. HIES’ staff is comprised of experienced scientists and engineers prepared to support the diverse challenges of the ever-changing environmental regulations and issues, supporting both the private and public sectors. HIES consistently delivers the highest quality of professional services to our clients.

With a history of successful endeavors, HIES has established excellent professional working relationships with key regulatory, legal, and government personnel in Hawaii including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. EPA, The State of Hawaii, and The Department of Health.

HIES is certified as an Environmental Auditor by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment pursuant to Article 3 of the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law.

Chevron Products Company
U.S. Army
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Navy
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Coast Guard
Various departments of the State of Hawaii
 Numerous private sector clients.

“Thanks for a job well done. If HIES ever needs an agency reference on past performance, feel free to have the agency call us, we will certainly recommend you with high marks.”

Lawrence Orr, Contracting Officer Pearl Harbor Fleet and Industrial Supply Center

Bulk Fuel Storage and Infrastructure

HIES can meet the needs of both large and small scale fuel storage systems and has extensive experience in the removal of underground storage tanks and closure reporting.

CERCLA/RCRA/Brownfield/Investigations, Remediation

HIES specializes in environmental investigations and cost effective remediation for all types of contaminated property.  HIES is equipped with a team of experienced scientists who have extensive knowledge of remediation solutions.

Construction Management Services

HIES has several reputable construction partners throughout the Pacific region who have completed numerous successful projects with management from HIES.  Our staff handles all planning, coordination, Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC), and Health and Safety (H&S) oversight for our clients.

Cultural Resource Management

HIES values the heritage of all cultures, which is why we have expanded our services to include cultural resource management. We assist our clients with land reclamation in order to preserve historical assets for the community.

Engineering Services

HIES is staffed with a variety of Professional Engineers (PE) whose capabilities meet all of our clients’ requests.

Environmental Site Assessments

HIES is capable of completing Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in accordance with the Association for Sampling and Testing Materials (ASTM) guidelines.  Our ESAs establish if there are any environmental liability issues associated with a given property. This is a service commonly requested by lenders for real estate transfers.

Environmental Compliance Audits

HIES provides environmental compliance audits for our clients in order to evaluate their compliance with all federal and state laws and assess risk from regulated and unregulated practices.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices organized by the EPA which enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency. HIES excels at assisting our clients with becoming more green and enhancing their businesses for long term growth while following EPA protocols.

Environmental Sustainability

HIES implements sustainable designs projects for our clients.  Our projects comply with all LEED criteria in order to create the most efficient and low impact design possible.

Expert Witness Testimony/Review

HIES is capable of legally testifying and reviewing environmental data for litigation.

Water Quality Management and Permitting

HIES is capable of managing all our clients’ water quality needs.  We commonly prepare storm water permits for the Hawaii DOH, and monitor groundwater at contaminated sites.

Geographic Information Systems

HIES can assist almost any organization develop its use and implementation of GIS. Our process for managing technologically complex projects ensures delivery of high-value, low-risk solutions for clients.

Hazardous Materials & Hazardous Waste Management

HIES recommends and implements responsible hazardous waste management techniques for our clients, ensuring that all EPA and State regulations are properly followed.

Information Technology Services

HIES is equipped with several professional Information Technology experts who can create and facilitate all our clients technical needs.  Our most common requests are to create and maintain GIS databases, however our compatibilities encompass all IT aspects.

Military Munitions Response

HIES offers technical support to government participants in the EPA regulated program for assessing hazard for munitions response sites.  All qualified staff are trained in emergency response and hazardous materials handling.

Natural Resource Management

HIES offers a variety of natural resources management services including biological surveys, water quality monitoring, soil classifications, and impact studies.

NEPA Compliance and Permitting

HIES assists our clients with all NEPA requirements including Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), permit applications, and compliance.

Noise Impact Analysis and Mitigation

HIES can prepare noise impact analysis reports and mitigation recommendations for clients working with local planning agencies to fulfill permit application requirements.

Pollution Prevention

HIES staff can customize and facilitate any pollution prevention design for a specific location, ensuring all possible measures are taken to prevent migration of hazardous materials.

Remediation System Installation, Operation and Maintenance

HIES’ team of scientists and engineers can design, implement and maintain any remediation system necessary for our clients’ contamination issues.

 Asbestos/Lead-Based Paint Assessments and Remediation

HIES has been involved with several large scale asbestos and lead based paint assessments and remediation projects. Personnel involved are certified by OSHA, EPA and the State of Hawaii Department of Health to work with asbestos and lead based paint using the latest monitoring equipment to ensure all hazards are mitigated properly.

Air Emissions Studies, Inventories, Sampling, Permitting

HIES is staffed with certified air quality specialists who can investigate and assess any air quality issues that our clients present.

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