Driving International Media & Public Relation projects from start to finish, HIES Inc. has a well versed International Marketing Project management team that has successfully managed numerous campaigns for clients like the US Navy and NOAA. Working with specialized scientists, translators, local cultures, and government officials, HIES meets the goals of clients, concerns, ideas, and scientific relevance. HIES Inc. has successfully educated / informed the target market on matters of concern. Our experts starts by an in depth examination of all information, a thorough examination of the goal or problems, and then creates a full marketing strategy designed with the best possible methods of penetrating the selected target audience. HIES Inc. manages all aspects of the campaigns consisting of all marketing materials including commercials, radio, printables, web penetration, symposiums & workshops.

Informational Tools

• Complete Campaign strategy & management
• Design theme & creation
• Website creation & management
• Commercials: Story board scripts, project management, creation, production, penetration
• Radio scripts: : Story board scripts, project management, creation, production, penetration 
• Illustrations
• Photographic imaging & sourcing
• Printables: Booklets, fliers, handouts, brochures, trifolds, 
posters, Business cards
• Logo Design 
• Folders 
• Infographics
• Character Design
• Maps & Charts
• Technical & scientific Illustration
• Information visualization
• Social media: creation / mgmt

HIES Inc. works directly with venues, printing facilities, production companies and software engineers on timeline logistics, deliverables, activities scheduling, and resource management to create final deliverables. HIES Inc. ensures the campaign is written and designed clearly and concisely, scientifically accurate and delivered on time and on budget. HIES Inc. manages international timetable scheduling and cultural resource management globally.

HIES creates visual representations of abstract data to reinforced human cognition. The abstract data include both numerical and non-numerical data, such as text and graphical information. Visual representations and interaction techniques take advantage of the human eye’s broad bandwidth pathway into the mind to allow users to see, explore, and understand large amounts of information at once and in intuitive ways. Illustrations may be placed into paper documents, web pages, digitally stored text, video, and other multi-media. Technical imagery communication generally tailors information to a specific audience, which may be subject matter experts, consumers, end users, children etc. Technical communication often works collaboratively with informative wording to create deliverables for various media. Deliverables include online help, user manuals, technical manuals, white papers, specifications, process and procedure manuals, industrial videos, reference cards, data sheets, journal articles, patents, training, business papers, technical reports, forms and documents.

HIES Inc. has extensive expertise managing workshops and symposiums. The company managed international registrations, international travel of delegates, meeting coordination, logistics, seminar and workshop committee coordination, visa processing, and payments

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