International management

HIES has vast International, Business, Facilities, Construction and Environmental management experience. HIES provides management services to businesses and agencies to ensure profitable results by streamlining the development, design and implementation phases of projects. Our approach combines the established presences of a local firm with the strength, stability and resources of a global company experienced in Department of Defense (DOD), Federal and State projects. By incorporating proven skills, systems, and technology, the company’s experts work to deliver projects on time and within budget.

As a leader in the environmental industry, HIES is committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable building practices throughout the industry. Our employees are trained in the theory and practice of green technologies and constructing in the LEED rating system. We strongly believe that Green sciences and technologies are not only good for the environment, but they also provide short and long-term economic benefits for all.

Specific reporting and preparatory requirements that are different for all sectors of the Department of Defense including the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Marines, administrative inexperience can lead to loss of contract, time, and money. With years of Department of Defense and US Commercial administrative experience from the proposal phase to the project closing phase.

  • Business Plan reviews and preparation
  • Request For Quote, Request For Proposal, and White Paper preparation
  • Team building and review services
  • Project and Construction Design services
  • Health and Safety Plan, Activity Hazard Analysis and Accident Prevention Plans: EM-385, OSHA
  • Quality Control Plans and Quality Assurance reviews
  • Invoice processing: WAWF, eprojects / efiling, wage submission, forecasting, report, schedule of prices
  • Final and After Action Reporting: technical report, red-line submission, as-builts drawings, final invoice closure

Facilities Managment and O&M

HIES facilities expert is devoted to the management and the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings, office complexes, and DOD housing units. Services may include facility management and the maintenance of air conditioning, appliances, electric power, communications lines, plumbing and lighting systems, storm and wastewater systems, general building structure, grounds keeping, and security. HIES incorporates custom facilities GIS software to track maintenance and scheduling. It is the role of HIES facility management to coordinate and ensure the safe, secure, and environmentally-proven operations and to preserve the value of these long-term assets.

HIES engineers, scientists, construction management, international management and technicians have the ability to understand complex environmental problems and routinely work with customers and regulators to help solve complex environmental issues.

International Labor Management

In today’s global economy, understanding the risk, rewards, management, and customs of international labor forces may be the key to acquiring competitive projects outside of home territories. HIES understands the importance of properly utilizing this very important labor asset that can be an essential part of a companies’ international strategy. HIES’s labor management staff is well versedin the concepts and implementation of labor quality, availability, mobility, controls, and labor unions throughout the Pacific Rim.

Construction, Program & Project Management

With offices in strategic locations around the Pacific, HIES and its associates has the resources and knowledge to undertake difficult jobs with unmatched Pacific Rim expertise. Our staff with training through DOD and Commercial construction regulations and labor laws have a proven working record with US Federal Government agencies and International labor organizations. Our government agency approved software tools allow for sophisticated work-sharing, real-time analysis, and work progress projection.

Program, Project, and Construction management services may include:

  • Pre-condition assessments & investigations
  • Master plan development & implementation
  • Master program schedule: planning & design phase management
  • Document analysis & review for coordination & constructability
  • Budget & control systems: cash flow analysis
  • Management information system & DOD systems integration
  • On & off site client communications
  • DOD approved Scheduling control in Primavera
  • DOD daily and/or periodic reporting administration
  • Occupancy transition services
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