HIES’s mission is to drive “INNOVATIVE” green technologies through “GLOBALIZATION” and “REVITALIZATION” to clean, purify, and sustain the “ENVIRONMENT.” It is our mission and dedication to promote a green clean culture.

Become the most respected company in our industry and region in obtaining client goals, exceeding expectations while achieving what is right for the environment.

HIES is a dynamic and growing company with an overall commitment to the conservation and restoration of our environment. We expect excellence in everything we do and we promote self pride and deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers. 

HIES strives on teamwork and constant communications to meet very demanding goals.  Our focus is on new and innovative solutions, to exceed our clients goals.  Experience shows that if we serve our customers well, our own success will come in forms of self satisfaction and lifetime friendships.  In our fast paced industry, we look forward to welcoming new and forward thinking individuals in helping us achieve our goals for a greener environment.

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