Complaint Resolution

Protocol & Processes

A voluntary initiative which is based on the SA8000 standard, HIES Inc. supports and promotes labor relations that build on the International Labor Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and United Nations (UN).

HIES Inc. recognizes the importance of access to judicial mechanisms, supports complaint resolution through social dialogue between employees. HIES Inc. considers all complaints serious and encourages each and every employee to do the same.  Addressing all concerns seriously can uncover unperceived issues requiring remediation, correction, accountability, avoid their escalation into major disputes and/or human rights abuses, and support social dialogue. Consistent dialogue between employees and management increase information about the operations of the company and reduces the likelihood of immaterial allegations.

This document presents the HIES Inc. Complaint Resolution Program, which includes three components: Procedures for Complaints: 1. Related to HIES Inc. as a company, 2. Complaints regarding the Internal Complaint Management Systems and or HR, and HIES Inc. Internal Complaint Resolution Procedures. 3. Internal employee relations complaint resolutions

I.                   Procedures for Complaints Related to HIES Inc. 
All allegations and complaints that relate directly to HIES Inc. as a company are addressed by the Human Resources Department .
HIES Inc. strongly promotes continual improvement processes.  HIES Inc. will conduct a full review of its policy and procedures every five years. Complaints against HIES Inc. company systems are addressed through the standard revision process completed by upper management.

Report to: The Human Resource Department

II.                Complaints Related to The Internal Complaint Management System or the Human Resources Department
HIES Inc. supports employees’ development and continual improvement of complaints management by offering capacity-building programs on workplace communications and internal complaint management systems. 
The HIES Inc. internal complaint system capacity-building program is designed to measure and improve the companies’ systems and performance related to handling complaints concerning international labor standards. 
HIES Inc. strongly encourages good faith efforts to address and resolve complaints as near as possible to the site/time from which the complaint emerged. If a complaint against an employee through the complaint resolution form is submitted it is communicated directly to HIES Inc. , HIES Inc. refers the complainant to the company’s internal complaint resolution system/process. If disputants of a particular complaint request support to identify alternative resolution mechanisms, HIES Inc. Upper Management department can assist by identifying appropriate mediation measures.

Report to: Upper management

III.             HIES Inc. Internal Complaint Resolution Procedures
Complaints may also arise concerning HIES’s internal participation of employees or other organizations in the daily work of HIES Inc. . When HIES Inc. HR receives such a complaint, it seeks to resolve it in conformance with its mission and its effectiveness in implementing its programs.  The Human Resource department reviews the complaint; it may also be reviewed by the HIES Inc. upper management. Internal mechanisms are established and utilized on a case by case basis for responding in an equitable manner.

Report to Human Resources

Filing a complaint:
If you have a problem please fill out the “Complaint Resolution Form”  sign and date the form and send it to the Human Resources department.  If you feel there is reason to submit your complaint in fear of your career, personal safety or other you may submit the form anonymously. By mailing the letter to the address below:

Attn:  HIES Inc.- Human Resources Department
C/O:  Melissa Zavadil
5710 S. Ingalls St
Littleton Colorado 80123

Under most cases the form should be sent to the HR department with your signed signature affidavit. 

Under the event you are having an issue with the HR department please send notification to one of the upper management team and they will advise you of your options.