International Management, Earth Scientists & Environmental Engineers

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Remediation to Restoration

Promoting a “Green Culture” through Green Technologies

HIES's mission is to drive "INNOVATIVE" green technologies through "GLOBALIZATION" and "REVITALIZATION" to clean, purify, and sustain the "ENVIRONMENT." It is our mission and dedication to promote a green clean culture.

Environmental Remediation And Restoration

Assessment Investigation Design Remediation and Maintenance Optimization and restoration Experience

HIES provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet our client’s environmental restoration and remediation needs by offering design and installation of remediation systems on a turn-key basis for a variety of soil, fuels, open water, and groundwater remediation projects. Further, we perform environmental systems operations, maintenance, and monitoring designed to optimize clean up and meet regulatory requirements. In compliance with CERCLA and RCRA, HIES performs projects to:

  Identify and Characterize Hazardous Waste Site
  Analyze the Nature and Extent of Contamination
  Risk Assessment
  Technology Evaluation
  Corrective Actions Proposal and Evaluation
  Propose, Defend, Execute, and Document Final Remedies
HIES services fuels infrastructures, landfills, dumpsites, commercial properties, private properties, industrial properties, and Department of Defense properties:
  Site Assessment, Identification & Investigation
  Design and Installation of Remediation Systems
  Third-party Review and Oversight
  Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring
  CERCLA and RCRA Corrective Actions
  Demolition and Disposal
  Preliminary Risk Assessments
  Feasibility and Corrective Action Studies
  Expert Witness Testimony
  Engineering Evaluations/Cost Analysis
  Treatability Studies
  Remedial Process Optimization
  Direct Melting Technology
  POL / Chemical Agents Management
  Hazardous Metal Management
  Unexploded Ordnance Identification
  Range Cleanup & Maintenance

Bioremediation and Restoration

HIES also uses various bioremediation, phytoremediation, mycoremediation and engineering techniques to fully restore or return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition. Bioremediation allows natural “green” processes to clean up harmful chemicals and metals from our environment using microorganisms, fungi, plants, and enzymes rather than use of mechanical techniques for remediation and restoration.

Asbestos, Lead-based Paint, Mold Inspection and Abatement
With over 20 years of service in the Pacific Rim, HIES is a leading environmental company that specializes in the identification and removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead-based paint in commercial and residential properties. HIES offers services from identification/sampling tasks to full abatement and restoration services. The company concentrates its services primarily in Hawaii, Guam and Japan, but services all DoD locations throughout the Pacific.
Hazardous Materials and Certification TrainingHIES with its affiliate, Professional Training Hawaii,  trains and certifies private, commercial and DoD clients throughout the Pacific Rim in:

  OSHA HAZWOPER Certification: All LevelsOSHA Lead Awareness
  Incident CommanderAsbestos Certification and Training: All Levels
  Spill ResponseLead Certification and Training: All Levels
  Confined Space EntryProject Monitor
  DOT HazMatCourses Compliant with and Accredited or Approved by OSHA, EPA, or State DOH