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Corporate Profile ;  HIES Inc.  International Management Earth Scientists & Environmental Engineers International Construction Management and Design Services

Contract Vehicles
Kaiser Permanente – Hazmat/GIS IDIQ
Macy’s IDIQ Contract
GSA Environmental Services Contract
Contractors License No. AC-21139
Japan Designated Environmental Investigator No. KAN2003-2-98
Guam SRL License NO: 0824143

Founded in 1993, HIES Inc., is a women-owned engineering and environmental services company, with its forte in the Pacific Rim. Led by a group of local scientists and engineers, HIES provides the Pacific region with multi-disciplinary Architectural, GIS, Data Management, Fuels Infrastructure, Construction Management, Environmental, and Engineering Services. In 1996, HIES opened its Japan operations located in Kawasaki, Japan with full Japanese licenses capable of servicing clients throughout the region including Okinawa and the Southern Islands. HIES has strategically located offices in Hawaii, Guam, Japan, and the western United States. HIES services local client requirements with efficiency and is committed to developing long term partnerships with clients while providing real economic value. With over 20 years of continuous cross cultural operating experience throughout the Pacific and with professional licenses throughout the region, HIES offers our customers high-quality professional services that are cost-effective and scientifically sound. HIES is a leading Pacific Rim provider of comprehensive Environmental and Engineering Services, and continues to support the Department of Defense, US Federal Government, US State and County Governments, US Health Care Providers, and Commercial/Private Sector businesses.

Japan ; Specializing in the Pacific Rim Japan Guam Hawaii and outer islands ; International Environmental Services Inc Remediation, Hazardous Waste, International Management, Construction Services Quality Commitment ;  ;  HIES Inc.  International Management Earth Scientists & Environmental Engineers International Construction Management and Design Services

HIES’s Scientific and Engineering teams are led by highly qualified Program Managers, Project Managers, Quality Control Specialists, and Health/Safety Professionals to deliver projects within schedule, budget, and quality. HIES professionals are certified by both Private/Commercial and Department of Defense certifications/licenses providing clients from early AE design support to project implementation, oversight, budgeting, and compliance.

Remediation to Restoration :  Specializing in The Pacific Rim ; Japan Hawaii Guam and the outer Islands ;  ;  HIES Inc.  International Management Earth Scientists & Environmental Engineers International Construction Management and Design Services
Our engineers, scientists, and technicians with the ability to understand complex environmental problems, utilizes innovation and technologies to implement quick and financially viable solutions. HIES coordinates with customers and regulators to help solve environmental, remedial, and restoration issues in a cost effective manner. HIES performed Remedial Actions and Restoration Activities at abandoned drum sites, firing ranges, soil removal/replacement sites, asbestos/Lead-based paint abatement sites/structures, fuel storage sites, natural resource protection areas, and hazardous waste sites throughout the Pacific.
International Management Earth Scientists and Environmental Engineers ;  Geopgraphic Specialty in the Pacific Rim ;  Guam Japan Hawaii outter pacific islands Guam ; Specializing in the Pacific Rim Guam Japan Hawaii outer Islands ; International Environmental Services Remediation GIS Management Hazardous Waste Construction Mangement Green Environmental Construction Management
Hawaii Hawai'i Environemental Services; Remediation, GIS, Hazardous Waste


Environmental Solutions; Asbestos, hazardous waste, remediation Specializing in the Pacific Rim
  Air Emissions, Permitting, Sampling
  Asbestos, Lead-based Paint Assessments; Hazmat Surveys
  CERCLA/RCRA Investigations
  Compliance Training & Management
  Construction Management
  Conventional & GIS Surveying
  EA/ESA/EIS Services
  Environmental Management Plans, Best Management Practices, EMS Programs
  Fuels Infrastructure Design, O&M, & Construction
  Geographic Information Systems &
Database Development/Support
  Groundwater Modeling
  Hazardous Waste & Hazardous Materials Management
  Image Acquisition, Photogrammetry, Object Identification
  Laboratory Data Analysis/Review
  Landfill Permitting & Gas Studies
  NPDES Permitting
  Pollution Prevention Solutions
  RCRA Facility Audits, Investigation & Corrective Action
  Real Estate Transfer Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment
  Regulatory Compliance Audits & EMS Support
  Remediation Systems Installation/Support
  SPCC Plans & Support
  UST/AST Investigation & Management
  Waste Minimizations Studies
  Water & Wastewater Design and O&M

The Pacific Rim Region is a very unique culturally diverse area that takes a special company to overcome cultural barriers to work flow. Our services are specifically designed to meet the international business project management requirements of the Pacific Region.

The Pacific Rim Region is home to a burgeoning and diversified group of workers, companies, and culture. Clearly, each country is unique in their economic development and economic growth. Each country is beset with their own challenges. HIES has extensive experience and expertise in this region and has formed personal, cultural, and company ties within each of these specified areas. Our specialty in this region offers your company’s project in the Pacific Rim, culturally sensitive human resource management, project efficiency, and overall ease of work flow at an efficient reliable pace and rate.